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Kidocode website

Web application

Breathing life into edtech commerce with a delightfully professional interface.

Kidocode was desparately in need of a brand new website. It’s core business model had evovled so much from being only a center that taught coding to kids, to a new edtech platform offering multiple courses and new product features.

A mild brand and identity refresh came into effect too as we explored ways to improve the site performance, enhance brand attributes and preprare kidocode for its launch into the new SaaS era of its edtech offering.

The key things we worked on were site scalability, integrated CMS and e-commerce as well as helping to evolve and solidify the visual identity of the company with a simple design system.

The project is currently undergoing its final stages of development, and content upload before going live. Stay tuned for more updates!

Recent work

Kidocode website
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Mobile application
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Website and webapp
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